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Here you will find help, healing and hope if you are struggling with trauma, child abuse or an abusive relationship, mental illness, types of personality disorders or dissociative identity disorder, bipolar, PTSD — anything stealing your mental health and happiness.

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“Somewhere in the sea of people, and along side the asphalt rivers, just below the canopy of steel giants is a break in the concrete where one single fragile flower grows. Your struggle is stunning, and your bravery is beautiful. I hope you choose to grow in places no one ever thought possible.”

— R.M. Broderick

Communities of people and professionals to help you…

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We are here to encourage, enlighten and focus on the building of mental health instead of staying stuck in illness.

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“A Life After Trauma is about reaching you wherever you are in your healing process. It’s about encouraging you to find help, enabling you to discover hope and empowering you to take the next step to move forward towards the life you’ve dreamed of having. It’s about remembering that you are a Warrior and have the ability, connections and resources to conquer anything that you are facing!”

— Lizabeth Casada


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Do you have a desire to serve others but need help getting the word out? You have talents and skills that people are seeking. Let A Life After Trauma connect you to the people who need your services.


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Thousands are wanting to reach out for help and just don’t know where to find it. At A Life After Trauma, our mission is to connect your expertise to people who are actively searching by featuring your center here.

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