My Vision for the ALAT Facebook Group

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I have been really thinking about a question I was asked not too long ago.

“What do you envision for this group?”

After much thought, meditation and prayer, here is my response:

I envision this group being the place you get positive support. I see it being the place you go to be uplifted, informed, moved and reassured. I see it as the place where we learn how to love ourselves through our challenges instead of just swimming in self pity. I envision this being the place where you get fed and are able to feed others. The place where it grows because there is so much love shared that people can’t wait to join. I see us being so positive with our support of each other that we begin to treat ourselves as the beautiful souls we are. I envision ALAT being a beacon of light and a source of hope. I see us sharing so much love, support and positive thought that we begin to look for it; hell, demand it, in other areas of our lives. I then see this changing the way we see our challenges and the way we deal with them. I see others watching our changes and looking for some of that same energy too. I see this positive mindset rubbing off on family members, co-workers, friends, bosses, neighbors, teachers, students, leaders and followers. I then see us standing up for others who aren’t there yet and assuring them that if ‘I can do it, you can too’ and watching their eyes light with hope and promise. I see this group being a unique group of woman and men who are ready to meet their world in a more positive and supporting way and then I see your worlds changing for the better; every day and in every way.

That’s what I see. I invite you to see it too. <3


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