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A Life After Trauma is a five year story that began with…

What Now?

Hello my fellow Warrior! My name is Lizabeth and I am glad that you have found your way here.  Being here means you are actively searching for help and I created ALAT in hopes that you find someone or something to inspire you to keep moving forward. A Life After Trauma is about reaching you wherever you are in your healing process. It’s about encouraging you to find help, enabling you to discover hope and empowering you to take the next step to move forward towards the life you’ve dreamed of having. It’s about remembering that you are a Warrior and have the ability, connections and resources to conquer anything that you are facing!

When I began my healing journey in 2009, I had very few options and a lot of obstacles standing in my way.  I began unraveling the mess that childhood sexual trauma created and I had little support, a lot of fear and no one in my life that understood.  I pressed on knowing that even though healing was sometimes harder than the trauma itself, a new and better life was waiting for me.  I dreamed of cherished relationships, unlimited freedom and a whole new direction and it began with asking myself, “What Now?”

Growing up in an abusive environment was hard.  Healing from it was even harder because there were so few resources…or so I thought.  After my therapy for D.I.D. ended, I began looking online for other people who had been through similar experiences and I was astonished to find so many survivors like me!  As I looked through all the information I was uncovering one thought kept repeating over and over again – I wish I had known about this when I was going through therapy.  A Life After Trauma was beginning.  For months, I spent most evenings and weekends searching websites and social media platforms for more information and I wrote them down in a notebook that I carried with me.  I really had no idea what I was going to do with it all but I knew it was important.

One afternoon, my wife asked me what I was doing and I began trying to explain why I was gathering all the information and the words just formed in my mind,  “I’m gathering information for a life after trauma.”  A huge wave of emotion flooded through me and I just knew.  That’s what I’m building and that’s what I’m here to help others do.  I bought the domain name and began building the website to hold all the information I had been gathering.

Five years later, I still have the notebook filled with check marks, highlights, and dog-eared pages.  I have transferred it all onto this website and I think I can finally put it away.  A Life After Trauma the website is finished but my work with it has just begun.  There is so much more left to do.  As I found out in my own journey, healing begins with finding help.  What you do with the life after, makes all the difference in the world.  We cannot change the trauma that happened but we can find help, discover hope and begin to move forward if we chose to believe that we can have A Life After Trauma.

Take the next step because your good awaits you.


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