Are You Talking About Me?


As a teenager, most of my conversations with friends began, “Did you hear what Tom said about Mary?”  or  “Wait until you hear what Jane said…” or the popular, “Listen to what Erica had to say about you…”  I was fine as long as the conversation didn’t include me.

I could listen in on someone else’s woes, not because I was interested really, but I was always on guard to hear my name in conjunction with the turmoil.  I enjoyed being in the middle of the excitement but I didn’t want the excitement to be about me.  Keep my name out of it.

I don’t know when the change happened but it seemed to change for the country as a whole and not just me.  All of a sudden, I went from not wanting people to talk about me, to stalking facebook so I could count the number of people who have something to say about me.

I post little missives about my day and wait for my personal ‘flock’ of followers to comment on or like what I am about.  I spend a vast amount of time looking for things that touch me in a certain way and wait, like the patient hunter in the deer stand, to shoot at the broken hearted in need of a pick me up, or someone in need of prayer.  I try to find any place that I can add a bit of hope or humor or some newly learned bit of knowledge to raise my consciousness and yours.

Because it is like texting, I don’t have to actually use my voice.  I can use it to be a little braver than I would be in person.   Facebook and other social media has now become my own personal soap box.  I can speak out and still be incognito at the same time.  I can now say openly that I support this thing or that thing and not be afraid that someone will come by and knock me off my box.   If someone tries, there is always the ‘unfriend’ button which takes you out of the flock.

Recently however, I want a flock and I want it to grow more and more.  Especially since I now am part of a growing business, I need a large ‘following’.  How am I to get my message out if no one is following it?  Where would Oprah be if no one followed her?

Are you talking about me?  That is the biggest and most widely held belief that will grow your  business today.  Any kind of business.  Whether you have a hardware store, a part-time jewelry business or a Karate studio, all you hear is, “Get your name out there.  People need to be talking about you.”

At the very top of the advice on growing your business is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  What is it?  It is a shortened term for how people find you when they search the internet.  It is a strategy for getting your business or ‘name’ to come to the top of the pile when someone types in a certain search word or term.

It is a very important strategy and it is a growing phenomenon.  After all, in the digital age how are you going to be noticed if people cannot find you?

Social media has now become the billboards on the information superhighway.  The more people talk about me, the bigger my billboard.  The more people are pointing to my billboards, the higher my ranking in the search engines.  It is that simple.  In the information age, I need people to talk about me to other people.

A good example that comes to mind is the group of people that have stopped in a crowd and are looking intently at something.  I am naturally curious enough to want to stop and see what has their attention.  That is the way SEO works.  Google and other giants look at those things or people that ‘flocks’ have stopped to concentrate on.  Then they see if they know what they are talking about or doing.  The more you know, the higher you go.

Facebook and other social media not only help me grow my business, they have become the diary of my personal growth too.  I can look back over the span of the year and see where  I was and how I handled a certain amount of turmoil based on the posts I left behind.  Those who are ‘following’ me can see and measure my spiritual growth as well.

So I am in the information age and I must adapt because change is the only constant.  This adaptation is easier than others because of the realization that I not only need a flock but I am also part of your flock.  As much as I rely on you, you rely on me.  We make up each others flock.  It matters now that people are talking about me but it also matters who I choose to talk about.  I have as much influence on your success as you do mine.

Are you talking about me? I sure hope so. Boy, that is growth in and of itself.


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