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“Wow, wow, wow…”

“…Like a musical massage but with way more benefits!…”

What is a BETAR?

BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy systems are the ultimate in deep relaxation. Users lie on a comfortable dual-density memory foam cushion while their favorite music washes through them, takes them for an audio ride that is as exciting, as tranquil, or as joyous as the music they select or is provided by the operator. An array of speakers focused along the midline of the body allows users to literally feel the music as the sound waves pulse through them in complete comfort without excessive volume.

BETAR riders consistently report feelings of complete relaxation by the end of their sessions. Like ripples on a pond, the sound waves delivered by the focused speaker array resonate outward through every muscle, organ and joint in the body – a gentle music massage that melts away deeply-held patterns of tension, stress and pain. Riders float away from the cares and concerns of everyday life, a visit to a personal musical sanctuary where healing can take place.

Where do you do the BETAR rides?

I travel across the country so I can bring the BETAR to your group!  I am currently working with Unity Churches, New Thought Centers, Yoga studios, Retreats and other groups that invite me to come!

How big does the group have to be to have BETAR rides?

If I am traveling in the area (within a one hour drive), I’d like to have at least 10 people who are interested in experiencing the BETAR.

If I am interested, what kind of space do you need to do the BETAR rides?

The BETAR is loud.  I need a quiet, air conditioned/heated room with a door, access to an electrical plug and space large enough to welcome riders.

What is the cost for the Group/Church/Center/Retreat?

This depends entirely on when the visit is scheduled and how far away it is.  If we schedule the visit for when I’m in the area, there is no cost.  I offer a 20% tithe (donation) to the Church/Center/Retreat that is offering the space as a thank you for allowing me to service so many in one place.  If I need to travel out of the area (further than a one hour drive), the cost will be negotiated based on travel expenses.

Do you offer more than a 20% tithe (donation) to the group?

Since I offer the BETAR rides for a love offering (donation) and I do need to cover my time and travel expenses, I have found that 20% of the amount I receive has been agreeable to most.  If I offered the rides for a set amount, I would offer more.

Do you offer speaking services as well?

Yes I do!  I co-led Unity of Bowling Green, KY for several years before it closed in 2013, speak yearly at conferences for mental health and led the service for several Unity churches.  I can speak to your group about the BETAR and/or I am glad to offer an inspirational message to your group.  I’d love to plan to come and see you soon!

How do you plan where you are going to be?

Right now, I am planning my travel around speaking engagements and the invitations I receive to serve.  If you are interested in experiencing the BETAR with your group, I’d love to plan to come!

Would you consider coming to my home?

Yes!  As long as you have a large enough space (see requirements above) and have at least 10 people who want to experience the BETAR, contact me and let’s schedule the date!

I have more than 10 people that want to ride. Can you do large groups?

Yes!  I can only offer 10 rides per day but can accommodate larger groups by offering rides over several days.  Please see the FAQs for riders page for more information about the rides.

How far out can I plan for you to come?

One calendar year.  I plan my route around the country based on where I receive an invitation.  If you and your group would like to schedule a time, I encourage you to get in touch with me as soon as possible.  My schedule fills up quickly!

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