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“Wow, wow, wow…”

“…Like a musical massage but with way more benefits!…”

What is a BETAR?

BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy systems are the ultimate in deep relaxation. Users lie on a comfortable dual-density memory foam cushion while their favorite music washes through them, takes them for an audio ride that is as exciting, as tranquil, or as joyous as the music they select or is provided by the operator. An array of speakers focused along the midline of the body allows users to literally feel the music as the sound waves pulse through them in complete comfort without excessive volume.

BETAR riders consistently report feelings of complete relaxation by the end of their sessions. Like ripples on a pond, the sound waves delivered by the focused speaker array resonate outward through every muscle, organ and joint in the body – a gentle music massage that melts away deeply-held patterns of tension, stress and pain. Riders float away from the cares and concerns of everyday life, a visit to a personal musical sanctuary where healing can take place.

What can BETAR do for me?

Riders often report:

*A sonic energy massage that melts away stress, tension and pain

*The ultimate in deep relaxation

*The ultimate musical experience

*A pathway to an emotional release or response

*A pathway to an esoteric experience

Why do you call it a ride?

The BETAR is an experience!  It’s not just an energetic massage, some people describe it as being “enveloped in music” or “riding the music”.

How much is the BETAR ride?

Each ride is done on a love offering basis.  Love offering does not mean free however. You get to decide what the experience was worth to you.  After you experience the BETAR, turn within and ask what amount you should give in exchange. Your Internal Guidance System will give you the answer. 

How long are the sessions?

Each session is scheduled for 45 minutes.  The BETAR ride is 30 minutes long, with 15 minutes to answer questions and talk.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to visit the restroom.

What do I wear for a ride?

You will remain fully clothed for your ride, so wear whatever makes you comfortable!  I will ask you to remove your shoes, any large earrings (I don’t want them to get caught in the earphones) and have you empty your pockets of keys, cellphone or metal. 

What can I expect from a BETAR ride?

You’ll lie down on the table face up.  I’ll ask you if you’re comfortable and offer to cover you with  a blanket or place a small pillow under your knees if you have back problems.  Your comfort is important so please let me know how I can help you relax. I’ll put on the headphones and then play an easy song to check the volume of the earphones.  Once you are okay with the volume and comfortable, I will place an eye pillow over your eyes and your ride will begin.  

I offer energy work while you are riding the BETAR if you would like but it is not necessary for you to enjoy the experience.  I do ask that you let go of what you expect to get from the BETAR experience. Allow yourself to relax and truly experience the BETAR!

How do I schedule a ride?

I travel across the country to bring the BETAR experience to all types of groups.  If you wish to experience a BETAR ride, all you need is the space and at least 10 people that want to experience it with you then fill out the form so we can schedule a date that works!

To schedule a date for your group, click on the button above!

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