• After my treatment earlier in the week, I was able to speak up about something someone does that hurts me. I have been swallowing that for 20 years. No more. I felt my throat chakra open during the session. Also felt my root and heart chakra open. Will be interested to see the results of those.

    Debbie Chandler
  • I would like to share my experiences with the BETAR Table. My first ride was 30 minutes. I found it to be very relaxing and allowed my mind to drift off into peacefulness. My second ride was an hour. I found this to be the most beneficial for me. I was able to release some things I had been holding onto but most importantly receive as well. I would highly recommend this experience!

    Susan Tutino
  • My appointment was Aug 5th at Unity of Ann Arbor Church.  I came to the appointment with an open and receptive mind. I did not have any preconceived expectations regardless of the testimonies I'd previously heard.  I was just curious.  The process itself was easy and relaxing.  Immediately after, I didn't think I felt much different, maybe a little more rested.  But, as I was leaving the parking lot I began to become aware of a relaxing feeling in my shoulders and neck muscles.  I didn't realize how much tension I had been carrying.  As I continued with my errands I could feel other areas of my body where the tension was leaving.  It felt like an Ice cube melting. By the time I returned home, I just wanted to lay back and let the remaining tension melt away.  One day later, and I still feel relaxed and energized. Thank you for the experience.

    Jean Freeman
  • My BETAR experience was amazing! I kept getting the sensation of being out in a boat among the ocean waves, or elsewhere in the wilderness. I definitely felt as if I traveled during my BETAR ride - it was almost like when you’re dreaming but you’re also semi-aware of yourself asleep. The entire time of my ride I kept thinking I didn’t want the experience to end. The music was delicious to my senses. After some processing time and a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in weeks. Thank you!

    Melanie Love
  • I really loved the experience.  It was relaxing and the vibrations in the bed was extremely enjoyable to my body.  I enjoyed the music as well.  Thank you Lizabeth.  Peace and Love!

    Name Withheld 1
  • The BETAR is a release of negative and also provides the level of happiness, but it is different each time as what is needed for yourself at each time.

    Name Withheld 2
  • Second time - new experience.  Feeling of integrating and uplifting energy.  Sense of peace, grounding and acceptance.

    Name Withheld 3
  • It was an outer body experience.  I was both comfortable and uncomfortable.  It allowed me to identify what I needed to release in order to heal.

    Novlett Ellis
  • I had a low key, gentle and pleasant experience.

    Sue F.
  • Thank you ~ Thank you for being such a beautiful receiver ~ loving and kindly.  I love you ~ Thank you for all of you ~ who you are.  I won’t lose touch with my experience.  My experience was magnificent.  Love you.  Thank you.

    Pamela Landon
  • I really enjoyed my experience.  I felt a conscious connection to deeper levels of sleep, WITHOUT being asleep.  I look forward to doing this again!

    David Joseph
  • Very unique experience - relaxing and healing.

    Sandy Wettergren
  • WOW!!! It is hard to put my experience into words. It brought up emotions I didn’t know I had - This is another step in my MAJOR journey! Thank you X 1 million and more! Namaste!

    Robin Toussant
  • Very relaxing & soothing for the soul.

    Kathy Reilly
  • The experience is Awesome!  I would recommend this experience to everyone.  It is likely different for each individual & such a blessing!  Be open to the experience & allow healing.

    Name Withheld 4
  • The experience was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  My entire BODY vibrated literally and figuratively. I smiled throughout the entire experience, my inner child spirit and soul was most elated with peace, joy and love.  I am so grateful for this transformative ride.  This was absolutely powerful.

    Vernice McDaniel
  • WOW!… and Yes… and Thank You.

    Anicia Blake
  • This was a wonderful experience.  Like a musical massage but with way more benefits.  I definitely would do this again.

    Name Withheld
  • I enjoyed the constant energy being pushed into my body. I felt tired at first but eventually I fell back into an energetic sleepiness. Fantastic!

    Jeremy Yochum
  • This treatment was Fabulous. Lizabeth comes very highly recommended. Thank You - Thank You - Thank You. Very Relaxing. Try it. You will ❤️ it!!

    Rev. Betty Love
  • I enjoyed the vibrations so much. Saw a lot of purple 3rd eye. I wish I had come with my mind more settled & clear — too much squirrel brain going on!

    Name Withheld
  • I got a very powerful reading and healing experience. It was very insightful and I learned things about myself which I did not realize.

    Briley Nealy
  • Wow! Very relaxing yet powerful experience. I feel great and so tingly. 🙂 My heart feels so open. Thank you so much!! I would definitely recommend this for others. Blessings!!

    Name Withheld
  • I felt the vibrations through my whole body. I especially liked the vibes on my lower back. The music was beautiful. I felt connected to all that is. Thank you!

    Janet Daniels
  • What a blessing! You are a gift. Enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you!

    Pam Mathis
  • What an amazing experience. I now understand why it is called “a ride”. I was so relaxed I could not tell if my body was touching the table and other times I was melting into it. Thank you for bringing this to our church. I enjoyed your kindness, information and love.

    Name Withheld
  • A deep vibrational transformation.

  • Thank you for sharing this experience. It was relaxing. However, because of what you discussed with me after the ride, “I was in some pain” and could not remove it from my thoughts. Nothing to do with the ride. 🙂 I am sure I will resolve some issues I have from your words of wisdom!

    Diane Folden
  • It was a wonderful experience. Lots of tingling in all parts of my body. Very relaxing. I would love to do it again.

    Suzy Cobb
  • The experience of vibration and music drew me in and allowed me to relax deeply and wonder into many places. The different songs affected me differently. Some took me to my upper chakras and some lower. When the lower tones played I could feel my legs twitch. I felt a peace and floating throughout the experience.

  • The time passed so quickly that I was surprised when it was over. My BETAR experience was like the vibration of a roller coaster ride without the physical jarring, fear, or adrenaline rush but with very pleasing music, comforting tones, and an energetic lift. I can’t wait to get in line and ride again!!

    Name Withheld
  • As always, it was an incredible, emotional, and connective experience.  It allows me a vehicle to healing I’m unable to find any other way.  Thanks so much.

    Janice Richardson
  • What a wonderful experience.  Afterwords, I could still feel the vibrations running through me.  I have a wave of peace flowing over me.  I hope this sense of peace will carry through my mind.

    Jackie Travis
  • How do I even put it into words, what an amazing, incredible experience this was.  I was nervous coming into it, unsure of what to expect, but I am blown away by the emotional release I experienced.  Full body vibration, total relaxation and spiritual elevation on a whole ’nother level.  10/10 I would recommend!

    Savanah Crystal
  • I felt the power of the Universe vibrating through me.  All tingling, all over.  I felt emotional and I let the waves wash through me.  I love this experience and will most definitely do it again.

    Neena Hook
  • BETAR relaxed and heightens the senses at the same time. I came for my second visit (ride) really needing the former but I came away with renewed energy and focus.  Best 40 minutes of my week - so restorative.

  • Wonderful!  Loved this!  Love your energy!  Thank you for sharing.

    Bertena Varney
  • Relaxing, healing vibrational journey.  The music is powerful in both sound & vibration.  I loved to surrender & just be allowing myself to melt & become part of the sound. Highly recommend!

    Jessica Tutino
  • I felt very light, lifting towards the stars.  I also felt like I visited different life times.  My consciousness was raised to a higher vibration.  Will do this again!

  • My experience of the BETAR ride was that it was a beautiful cellular recalibration.  There was a sense of energy flowing through, from root chakra up through spine to head and from the heart to the hands and feet.  I received it as the dance of life moving through me.  Deep cellular healing restoration unfolded. Thank you beautiful sweetness, Lizabeth, for sharing your love and light in this world through the BETAR.

  • Incredibly different way to experience sound healing.  I felt the vibration even hours afterwords.

  • My BETAR “ride” was a stunningly beautiful experience.  At once, both exhilarating and peaceful.  My senses were activated and my mind was filled with remarkable, mystical imagery…Indescribable!

    Mary Beth Speer
  • What an amazing experience!  I felt at times, like I was about to fly and saw incredible visuals and colors.  My body felt relaxed afterwards and my mind was clear and focused.  I even walked a long staircase even though I had knee surgery just 5 days earlier and without any pain.  What a gift!

    Michael Speer
  • This treatment allowed cellular changes in the body through the vibration.  I highly recommend this treatment.

    Pamela Manata
  • Once volume was adjusted I began to relax and enjoy the vibration of the music moving through my body.  (I have sensitive ears so I had my ear plugs in)  I can not believe how fast the time went by thinking at 1st, how would people be able to fall asleep?  And ————> to understanding how you can fall asleep!

    Name Withheld
  • I found it very relaxing.  I enjoyed feeling the vibrations run through my body, especially the deep sounds.

    Name Withheld
  • A relaxing bath of sound vibration.  I am buzzing from head to toe with pure bliss.  A recharge was just what I needed!  Thank you so much!

    Jessica Tutino
  • It’s hard to describe this experience, my 3rd with Lizabeth.  The music is both relaxing and energizing at the same time, heightening your perceptions while calming at the same time.  Thank you!

  • Another blessed practice with the bed!  XOXO

    Janice Richardson
  • The energy work with music and vibrations are unique in the sense that you feel them working together to heal you from the inside out.

  • The BETAR ride is pretty glorious.  My first experience gave me a migraine - which was instructional on what I needed to let go of to heal.  My second ride was even more amazing and healing.  I highly recommend a ride or two to help healing and awakening.

    Candace Chellew
  • Absolutely a wonderful experience.  I felt as though I was dancing, flying and experiencing the heavens open up.  Thank you!

    Jessica Phaup
  • Lizabeth is so wise and gifted.  This was my first time “riding” the BETAR.  It’s like being bathed in sound and I felt so much release from myself.  Such and amazing experience.  Thank you Lizabeth!

    Grace Farley
  • My second ride.  Another completely incredible experience.  Lizabeth is an angel, I’m convinced.  It’s a journey of spirit, soul and body.

    Carolyn Gregory
  • I felt completely connected to the beyond!

    Lee McEachern
  • Thank you so much.  All you shared resonated with me.  Hope you come back through soon.  The sound vibrations were incredible.

    Tricia Phaup
  • I’ve had powerful healing experiences on the BETAR sound table and recommend it to anyone seeking to grow personally and spiritually. Lizabeth is a heart-centered healer and a wonderful guide on the journey. The whole experience is simple, enjoyable and profound.

    Rev. Dan Beckett
    Rev. Dan Beckett
  • Any opportunity to connect mind, body, spirit is pure Grace - Oh, and you can relax too - BETAR invites you to a “higher” place

    Martha Creek
    Martha Creek
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I felt like Lizabeth was literally holding my heart in the palm of her hands while my body spent time on a magical sound journey. I felt in a cocoon; safe, loved, supported, growing.

    Allison G.
    Allison G.
  • I had a deep inner experience of release & acceptance.  Physically, I feel relaxed on a cellular level.  It was a beautiful, joyful & peaceful ride.  The healing energy combined, made it even more powerful.  Even the music was on target.  Lizabeth’s “why” & passion for the BETAR touches my heart.  I am grateful.  Thank you!

    April Ellenburg
    April Ellenburg

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