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“…Like a musical massage but with way more benefits!…”



Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy

The BETAR experience combines the power of total-body sonic energy massage, soothing low-frequency sound and magnetic waves, and the healing power of your favorite music to deliver the ultimate in stress reduction, pain release and personal balance.


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Lizabeth travels the U.S. and is able to bring BETAR to you!

The Ultimate in Deep Relaxation

Users lie on a memory foam cushion while specially chosen music washes through them, allowing the rider the opportunity to engage the body’s natural healing processes and release anxiety. An array of speakers that are aligned with the chakras of the body, allows users to literally feel the music as the sound waves pulse through them in complete comfort without excessive volume.

  • Any opportunity to connect mind, body, spirit is pure Grace - Oh, and you can relax too - BETAR invites you to a “higher” place

    Martha Creek
    Martha Creek
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I felt like Lizabeth was literally holding my heart in the palm of her hands while my body spent time on a magical sound journey. I felt in a cocoon; safe, loved, supported, growing.

    Allison G.
    Allison G.
  • I’ve had powerful healing experiences on the BETAR sound table and recommend it to anyone seeking to grow personally and spiritually. Lizabeth is a heart-centered healer and a wonderful guide on the journey. The whole experience is simple, enjoyable and profound.

    Rev. Dan Beckett
    Rev. Dan Beckett
  • I had a deep inner experience of release & acceptance.  Physically, I feel relaxed on a cellular level.  It was a beautiful, joyful & peaceful ride.  The healing energy combined, made it even more powerful.  Even the music was on target.  Lizabeth’s “why” & passion for the BETAR touches my heart.  I am grateful.  Thank you!

    April Ellenburg
    April Ellenburg
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