Campground Booking & Discount Clubs

We simply could not plan our travels as well without these apps and groups!  They have helped us plan our routes, know what to expect from a campground before we arrive and even fix minor problems when they come up.  We are finding new ones all the time (which I’ll keep adding I’m sure) but these are our favorites for now!

Websites/Apps we use to find and book campsites:  This is the site that we use to find public & private campgrounds.  We pay for the Pro version because it adds rest stops, fueling stations and restaurants along the way.  It’s well worth the money!  I use this site to check the reviews of any campground we are thinking of visiting.  I have only found a few that weren’t listed.  The reviews are from campground visitors and not owners, so the descriptions can be trusted.  This is the booking site for State and National Parks and sites owned by the Army Corp. of Engineers.  Most of the major tourist areas are booked a year out so it pays to book early!  When we started traveling in 2016, we would map out our route and book the campsites 6 months ahead of time.  Now that we have a few years under our belt, we aren’t so rigid and have begun to find some real jewels that don’t take reservations.  We found this one because they kept an excellent list of campground closures and reopenings during Covid.  I have not booked through them though.

Discount groups: 

There are a few groups that offer discounts while you travel.  We belong to these groups because they offer great discounts and reasonable membership rates.  I have added several we don’t belong to but many others praise.

Passport America  This offers up to 50% off of campsite fees in participating campgrounds and is only $44/year.  We use it often and have really saved some money with it.

Good Sam  This club offers discounts at campground, roadside help and we get a discount on gas when we fill up at Flying J and Pilot.  It’s currently only $29/year.

Escapees RV Club  This club has it all!  They have a directory of campgrounds, offer mail forwarding service in several states, have events to meet other RVers, an RV boot camp to teach new RVers tips, tricks, and safety on the road, roadside assistance, and even a retirement community for those who want to stay in their RV but require assistance.  We belonged to it for a while but weren’t using most of the services but we will join again later!

Harvest Hosts  If you are interested in staying at wineries, breweries or farms, this site looks interesting.  We haven’t joined this one but it is recommended by many.

Thousand Trails  This is like buying into a “time share” for condos except it’s for RVing.  You pay an upfront cost of between $500 – $3,000.00 and then camp at member campgrounds for “free’’ in particular areas of the country.  There are a lot of rules and this is good if you travel in one area of the country frequently.  It didn’t work for us as full timers who want to travel the country but a lot of people like it.

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