This reading recently helped me get out of my “Covid and political funk”. I invite you to allow the words to speak to you as well.

In this moment, I begin again. Each and every day I awaken to a new beginning, to a new aspect of myself where creativity is concerned, where discovering my authentic being is concerned. I am set free today—free to come out of the box of my habitual way of relating to myself, to others, and to life itself.

My consciousness now reflects back to me the truth that I am not my circumstances. I am not my emotions. I am not the thoughts that are moving through me. I hear that part of me that knows its infinite nature speaking now, encouraging me to court that which is seeking to emerge through me, that which is yearning to express my individuality, my own unique creative nature. It is the mark of the Spirit etched in my soul-character. I set it free now. It’s okay for it to emerge. It’s okay for me to become more of who I am.

With this permission I have given myself, I know that my life is attuned to the fundamental order of existence. My entire being is now reshaping itself around the “yes” factor of my willingness to be whole, beautiful, and authentic. Every cell, every organ, every action, and every function of my being is receiving and embodying this message. Any conscious and unconscious fears or doubts are even now being transmuted into courage and enthusiasm. Outlets for my creative nature seek me out and I willingly respond to them. New ideas flow through me, insights unfold within me. It’s happening right now.

I understand what it means to be creatively maladjusted, and there is no hesitancy within me to express my uniqueness as an individualized expression of the Spirit. In this feeling tone, the strongholds of self-consciousness are dissolving. Liberation is the order of my day. My consciousness absorbs the power of this word. My energetic being is wrapping itself around this frequency.

No longer do I look to newspapers, trends, or outside sources to tell me who and what I ought to be, how I ought to look, what I should buy. From this moment forward, I look within and realize that my own Self is the leaping-off point for my creativeness. I go homeward within and acquaint myself with dimensions of my being I have never before encountered. I lovingly welcome them to outpicture in my life, to express fully and freely.

I set my own inner thermostat to a temperature in which I thrive, in which the love that I am flourishes. The joy that I am saturates all that I think, say, and do. I am a conscious co-creator of my destiny. My thoughts are no longer determined by the thoughts of others. My inner sense of empowerment is no longer dependent upon the praise of others. I break the chains that bind me to any sense of mediocrity to any sense of follower-ship where I give my power away mentally, emotionally, socially, religiously, physically. I am pulled by the Spirit’s vision for my life. I hear it; I respond to it. I incorporate its intuitive guidance in my life. Everything now works together for my good. I am comfortable, at ease in this inner freedom. My consciousness is causative, unfolding my character, my destiny, in a most magnificent way.

How precious it is to know that I am divinely, unconditionally supported by the universe, that this Existence mothers me, that all of my needs are met. In the midst of me is divine love, compassion, wisdom, peace, and joy. My Source is internal, not external.

Control and manipulation are no longer necessary to get my needs met because I now recognize that all that I need to free myself has already been given. With a heart filled with gratitude, I simply say, “Thank you, Infinite Spirit.”

Taken from the book, “Spiritual Liberation” by Michael Bernard Beckwith

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