Have No Fear-I Am A Fire Walker

I made a pact with myself at the beginning of 2013 to feed my soul on a regular basis. This includes taking time out of the everyday to focus, meditate and pray. I just spent a wonderful weekend up on Lookout Mountain at an Edwene Gaines’ Retreat. The focus of the retreat was “Creating the Millionaire Mind” but the emphasis is the underlying, “change your thoughts, change your life.” The combination is a wonderful formula for the truly prosperous life. As usual, the intended focus that draws me however is not the lesson I received. I think this is why this venue works so well for me. It is a weekend built on spiritual principles, that has practical applications but leaves room for me to explore my individual needs.

This weekend was different though. I stayed at the same place, had time to catch up on my journaling, enjoyed the wonderful surroundings and beautiful weather but something was different. I couldn’t pinpoint it. It wasn’t until the Sunday evening that I understood it. When the weather permits or there isn’t a burn ban that is being enforced, these weekends usually end with a fire walk. I have walked on fire many times before. Crazy sounding I know, but each one marked a milestone in my personal transformation and brought with it the initiation of another growth spurt in me. Walking over those hot coals was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had in the physical flesh.

Every time I experience it, I approach the fire with an intention. For example, I walked one time to celebrate freedom from the past; once to mark the passing of a loved one; and once to welcome the future. There are as many reasons to do it, as to not. This time I searched for the intention that I wanted this walk to represent but had trouble deciding. I chose to just walk and see what happened. Maybe something would hit me later.

There is no reason to teach someone to walk on fire. Trust me. If you take one step on a bed of coals, your body KNOWS what to do to get you off. I am no exception. I don’t speak of my experience often because most people don’t understand why a sane person would subject themselves to such a degree of danger, and let’s face it, the raw fear of it. Most people, including me, have a deep fear of fire.  From a small age we are taught that fire burns, as we grow we are taught how to manipulate it to serve us.

So why in the world would someone do it? Why do some people choose to climb a mountain? Why do others jump out of perfectly good airplanes for reasons other than to save their life? They do it for the same and probably very different reasons I chose to participate in the fire walk. We do it to conquer fear or to enjoy fear-less-ness.








It wasn’t until I stood at the start of the runway of coals, that I figured out what was missing. Fear. My automatic fear to this fire walk was GONE. The first time I walked I was terrified. No doubt about it. Each subsequent time there was a decrease in the amount but there was still a healthy dose to overcome. Each fire walk had some element of fear. It wasn’t just lessened this time. It was gone. I stood at the start of the runway, staring at the bed of coals and I had NO FEAR.

I walked across the coals with complete confidence and zero fear of the fire that still burned under my feet. As I came off the fire, I was so overwhelmed with confusion I couldn’t rejoice. Not yet. My conscious thoughts wandered immediately to the “what the hell just happened” frame of mind. It decided that there was no way that someone could walk on fire with no fear, so logically, I must do it again. Once again I approached the fire and waited…yes I actually waited, for the fear to overtake me. I braced myself but I didn’t feel the first symptom of fear. My stomach didn’t knot up; my throat didn’t constrict; my palms didn’t sweat, and my breath stayed with me.

I had done it. Actually conquered my fear! I had heard Edwene say numerous times that “the fire ‘loves us’ and anything that loves us cannot hurt us.” In that moment, I understood. Fear is false evidence appearing real. When I was first faced with the challenge, I continued to let fear guide my response.  Once I had faced the appearance of danger and had proved it not to be dangerous in those circumstances, I could walk through the veil of fear.  The second time I walked that hot bed of coals, I did it with my head held high and in full confidence of my abilities to face whatever challenges are coming.

This made me question, where does fear come from?  That is a good question.  I’m going to really investigate that one.  It may just be the key that unravels the rest of my worries.  Let me know your thoughts.

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