In 2016, we embarked on a dream of total freedom and living a life of travel.  We gave away most of our belongings and got a 5×5 storage building for small treasures and things we couldn’t part with or needed on a part-time basis.  We live, work and explore the road 365 days a year in a 30ft. Travel Trailer and are having the time of our lives!  Here’s what we’ve learned about being…

Home Free!

Buying a Travel Trailer

Our decision to buy a travel trailer as opposed to a Fifth wheel or a Class A or C motorhome was the best decision for us. I explained how and why we chose our truck, Bruce, in this article. Today, I want to explain why and how we chose our travel trailer, Opal. Why We […]

Campground Booking & Discount Clubs

We simply could not plan our travels as well without these apps and groups!  They have helped us plan our routes, know what to expect from a campground before we arrive and even fix minor problems when they come up.  We are finding new ones all the time (which I’ll keep adding I’m sure) but […]

RV Social Media We Follow

Before we bought the truck and the travel trailer, we did a lot of research to see what we were getting in to.  I have listed the people and groups that we follow.  There are many, many more but we found these to be really helpful.  I’m sure I will continue to add to this […]

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