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Before we bought the truck and the travel trailer, we did a lot of research to see what we were getting in to.  I have listed the people and groups that we follow.  There are many, many more but we found these to be really helpful.  I’m sure I will continue to add to this list!



Heath and Alyssa Padgett
We found this couple just within the last year. They host an RV Entrepreneurial Summit that we got to attend and it was fabulous! Every year, hundreds of RV Entrepreneurs gather together and have a conference discussing different ways to make a living while RVing. They also have great videos about running a business, Rving out of the country and traveling with a baby.  They have recently bought their own land in Colorado and are currently building a campground.

Long, Long Honeymoon (LoLoHo)
We found this couple and started following them first. They are very entertaining and informative. They also review a lot of products and discuss their mistakes and solutions.

Technomadia (Personal site)
Mobile Internet Resource Center (Business Site)
This couple has been full time and on the road since 2006. They have a Class A, a camper van and a boat that they switch out between throughout the year. They are also experts in staying connected to the internet while traveling. We follow them for their videos but also to stay updated on the latest changes in the major cell phone carrier plans, which is how we stay connected to the internet.

Keep Your Daydream
We were introduced to this couple at the RV Entrepreneur Summit. They have mastered filming their videos and are great storytellers. They run a group on Facebook called “How to Start a YouTube Channel”. They have great tips on the equipment you’ll need and how to actually run a successful channel.

Gone With the Wynns
Loads of videos for both living on a boat and RVing.


Facebook Groups: 

There are a lot out there but we have gotten more out of these few.

RV Tech Tips:  This group is run by RV technicians and is a great place to ask questions about problems that come up.  

RV Interior Ideas:  This group helped me get over the fear of making changes to the interior of our RV.  While we chose our travel trailer because the floor plan worked best for us, it took some interior changes to really make it a home.

RV Tips:  This group has a lot of general tips about Rving.

The RV Entrepreneur:  This is the private group for entrepreneurs who are operating businesses while traveling.  It is run by Heath & Alyssa Padgett who host a RV Entrepreneurial Summit each year.  

RV Storage Ideas  There just isn’t enough storage space in an RV and we have gotten some really great tips on how to organize what we have in this group.

Where’d You Stay RV  This is the group I enjoy the most.  You can ask questions about campgrounds in general areas, people post pics of where they’ve been and what cool places there are to visit.  

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