The Good Life

The good life. What is it exactly? Easy street. Where is that located? Living the life. Whose life? I got so many mixed messages when I was younger that answering these questions has taken me 50 years. What I have learned is that the answer is different for each individual.

What’s the good life? For me, it’s being “home free”.  After my divorce in 2012, I rented a house for myself and my 2 children. I met my wife, Cindy, and she moved in with her daughter. We let go of the rental when our kids left high school and moved into our dream, an RV, in 2016. We have been traveling full time ever since. I no longer worry with yard mowing, neighbors, or keeping up with the Jones’. We now live where ever we choose and our backyard changes almost weekly in some of the most beautiful places in the US. I have worked from the beach, in the mountains, overlooking beautiful lakes, in different climates, cultures and time zones. (pre-Covid)

Easy street. Where is that located? I’ve learned that it’s not a street, it’s a mind set. I can experience this life as an easy experience or let it be hard. Before I had this aha, everything in life was hard and all I could see was hard. I looked for the hard, I expected the hard, and I lived hard. Now I know that changing the way I approach life, it can be easy. I now look for the magical ways that my life gets easier and I can allow myself to just enjoy the journey.

Living the life. Whose life? I use to think that I had to go to a school and be trained in something advanced to be someone. I spent a lot of time studying other people to find what life I could lead. I grew into the knowledge that we all have a calling, a leading, a purpose and the challenge is getting to the point that we can hear it. I had to wade through a lot of trauma through therapy to get quiet enough to even ask myself, “what do I want to do?” and when I did, it still took years of exploration to find the path I’m following. It is still taking shape and I am left wondering where it’s taking me.

For me, the good life, easy street and living the life all mean one thing; Freedom. The freedom to explore who I am in the world, what I have to offer and the gifts I have been given to relax on the journey.  So this picture reminds me of living full out with less fear, no masks, unlimited prosperity, dreaming the BIG dreams and sharing it all!

Lizabeth Casada - A Life After Trauma

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